Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA)

CAPA’s mission is to inspire and enable Club members to realize and develop their talents and skills in creative, performing, and fine arts through creative learning activities and experiences. CAPA consists of seven core areas:

  1. Music Makers
  2. Dance Program
  3. Drama/Spoken Word
  4. Music Production & Media Arts Program

Please click on the program to learn more about each area.

Music Makers

Music Makers program  teaches members how to write, produce and perform their own music. The program also gets local volunteer musicians to teach private music lessons to Boys & Girls Club members. Lessons include piano, guitar, bass guitar and drum kit. Select Music Maker members do performances in and around the Madison community. The Jenewein Music Makers from the Allied Family Center recorded some of their original songs on the “Boys and Girls Club Mix-tape CD” that was released at Brat Fest 2010. The Music Maker program will be taught at both Allied and Taft locations.

Dance Program

The Dance Program for CAPA allows boys and girls an opportunity to explore the world of dance. Dance program members have opportunity to learn four styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap and HipHop and become a member of a dance group. Dance classes are taught in the new BGC DANCE STUDIO located at the Taft Street Boys & Girls Club location. The dance program merged dance performers into the Black Star Drum Line to dance alongside the group during performances over summer camp 2011, and will continue into the 2011–12 school year.

Drama/Spoken Word

Dynamic and energetic, this program empowers students to become confident young writers and performers. With an emphasis on the poetic art form of spoken word, this program prepares students to take their work from the page to the stage, as they are led through a number of writing and performance exercises. Students explore techniques of breath control, movement, working with a microphone, acting and stage directing. With a goal in sight, the group works together as they create a powerful performance to showcase their artistic growth and achievements.

Music Production & Media Arts Program

The Music Production program will have two components: music production and media arts. Members will be able learn how to use cutting-edge music production and editing software. Members will also be able to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop along with cutting-edge video production and editing software like Final Cut and Windows Movie Maker.