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Calling all youth!

School-year membership as low as $10 per school-year


While it costs our Club $1,000 to provide each child with quality programming and healthy meals for out-of-school time care, we ensure that every child can participate, regardless of their financial situation at home. We make programming affordable by accepting WI Shares child care subsidy and offering Boys & Girls Clubs scholarships from $10 to $30 per school year.

Note: Membership is for the School Year Only. Non-School Days require separate registration and payment.

Payment Options: If you are interested in making your payment online, please click here.

WI Shares
Provider #: 1000586911 (for all locations)

  • Allied Location #: 001
  • Taft Location #: 002


If you would like to learn about our programming at Patrick Marsh Middle School in Sun Prairie, please click here.


Please Note: Our Allied Family Center and Taft Street Club are currently at capacity We are accepting applications for our wait-list.

We are a licensed child care facility and participate in the YoungStar Quality Rating System.

If you are interested in registering your child as a member, click the link below and follow the instructions:

Membership Application
Non-School Day Registration Form

A parent or guardian must return the completed application to the location they are registering their child(ren) at along with the following information:

  1. Immunization Record
  2. Documentation of Annual Household Income (if applying for Boys & Girls Clubs Scholarship)
  3. Current WI Shares Authorization (if using WI Shares)

*Children of five years of age must be enrolled in kindergarten.


Your Guide to Regulated  Child Care

Licensing Rules for Group Child Care Centers

CACFP Meal Pattern Guidelines

Dane County Child Care Policy Manual


For assistance or more information, please call (608) 257-2606 and select the location you are interested in.

Allied: McKenzie Mellecker

Taft: Michelle Young



Our Teen Program is for members ages 13-18 and runs from 3:30 (or school dismissal) to 8:30 pm Monday through Friday. We offer evening meals with educational, health and wellness, career development, financial literacy, creative arts, performing arts, media, and sports, fitness, and recreation programs.

If you are interested in registering your teen as a member, click the link below and follow the instructions:

Teen Membership Application

Teen Code of Conduct

For assistance or more information, please contact Zach Otting at (608) 661-4736.