Stand Up Fitchburg

Stand Up for the Kids of Fitchburg!

JOIN US to STAND UP against proposed cuts by the CITY OF FITCHBURG!

OCTOBER 10, 2017 at 7:30 pm 

Fitchburg City Hall
5520 Lacy Road
Fitchburg, WI  53711

Please click on the link below to watch the “Stand Up” commercial. It is about young people asking the community to speak up for them against the cuts being proposed by the City of Fitchburg.

What is happening to the kids in the City of Fitchburg is an injustice and they are taking resources away from children and families who are marginalized in the City.

Are you okay with these cuts? On behalf of kids and families, please STAND UP against the following:

  • Eliminated food for 2,000 Fitchburg residents
  • Eliminated youth funding for kids of color
  • Almost a million dollars in new expenses
  • Gym membership fees for city employees
  • $30,000 for gun ammunition
  • $300,000 for new computers and repairs
  • Contract increases for unnamed vendors
  • Thousands on plaques for city staff
  • Thousands on “unexplained expenses”
  • Thousands on subscription fees and dues
  • Thousands on out of town training
  • Thousands for per diems for elected officials to eat

Yet there is no evidence of real programming for kids in the most underserved communities in Fitchburg. Who will stand up for them?

Please view this video: Stand Up!

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