TOPS (Teens of Promise)

The AVID/TOPS program is an exciting Boys & Girls Club initiative in partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District. The initiative works with high school students to prepare them for college. The AVID/TOPS program offers tutoring, mentorship and paid summer internships in addition to eligibility for college scholarships.

The AVID/TOPS program is modeled on two successful initiatives that produce college enrollment rates of over 95%. The program includes two components:

AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination)

The classroom component, used in over 3,000 schools nationwide, is a four-year elective class with rigorous standards and strong academic support.

TOPS (Teens of Promise)

The outside-the-classroom component emphasizes college preparatory activities and real-world experiences.

If you are interested in getting involved with the AVID/TOPS program, please contact Alex Gagnon at or 608-661-4749.