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Youth of the Year

2024 Youth of the Year
AVID/TOPS Representatives


College Decision Day is a partnership event between Madison Metropolitan School District and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County, designed to celebrate our AVID/TOPS students as they transition from high school to their post-secondary plans.

The scholars attend La Follette, Memorial, East or West High Schools and are part of the AVID/TOPS program. AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) is a college readiness system that includes an elective course focused on organizational strategies, study skills, critical thinking, tutorial support, and career and college awareness. AVID is partnered with the TOPS (Teens of Promise) program through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County.

Join us in recognizing these exceptional individuals by registering for this virtual event.

students at career fair

Book Stipend FUND

How Stipends Impact Students

Book stipends will support all of our graduating high school seniors and help them purchase textbooks next fall.

  •  In 2021, the average cost for full-time, undergraduate students at a four-year university for books and supplies per year was approximately $1240.00
  •  In 2020, 25% of students indicated they worked extra hours to pay for their books and materials and 11% skipped meals in order to afford books and course materials
  • In 2021, nearly 66% of students avoided buying course materials when possible due to steep prices

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Student Testimonials

"BGCDC has given me opportunities that normally would have not been achievable without coaching and encouragement. I went from someone who hated school to finding freedom in college as I found a career path I loved, and I learned to enjoy classes"

Mario C.
Madison College

"Being in college has been incredibly expensive and difficult. My last semester books were incredibly expensive and costly. It would help me get the books I needed right away without hesitation of money being an issue. I currently work 3 jobs to pay for my bills and school along with helping my family when I can, so I don't have extra money to spend on things that aren't necessities."

Cynthia C.
University of Dubuque

"Stipends would help me by alleviating a lot of my financial burden and allowing me to put all of my time and focus into my studies. If awarded this stipend, I will continue to put in the effort and hours needed in order to succeed, making my education my top priority in school."

Lhaki T.
Edgewood College
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